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» e-Governance in Punjab Police
  • Introduction to Technical Services Wing
  • The Technical Services Wing is the designated Nodal Wing for the implementation of e-Governance in Punjab Police. The motto of the Wing is “Information Driven Policing”.
  • Vision & Mission of the Wing
  • » To control all forms of crime and criminal activities by taking suitable and appropriate preventive    measures accompanied by effective detection.
    » To increase awareness of Law to public.
    » To attain transparency in policing without compromising national security.
    » To increase accessibility to common man so as to address grievances by way of improved police-    public interface.
    » Providing a secure environment to citizens through better management of Human Resources,    equipment and use of Law.
    » To ensure speedy and effective justice thereby punishing the offender and to prevent recurrence of    offences.
    » To streamline internal administration by ensuring that there is efficiency and uniformity in Recruitment, Promotions, Rewards, Punishments, Welfare activities etc., so as to inculcate a sense of discipline    and commitment to the organization.
    » To streamline other areas like procurement, stores and finance and budget.
  • Existing e-Governance initiatives undertaken in Department of Police
  •      Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS) is a Mission Mode Project conceptualized and sponsored by the ministry of home affair (MHA) towards enhancing outcomes in crime investigation and criminal tracking and in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of police department in all states. It is proposed to achieve this through the adoption of the principles of e-Governance and creating a nationwide, networked infrastructure for supporting an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) enabled state-of-the-art policing system. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) is the central nodal agency that manages CCTNS at the National Level. To facilitate standardization across State/UTs, NCRB has developed an Application Software (CAS) centrally through a software development agency (SDA).CAS has two components viz CAS (Centre) and CAS (State) which would then be customized and implemented at the State level by the System Integrator (SI).
    Purpose of CCTNS:
    • Quick and easy generation of reports and records.
    • Significant reduction in manual records/register maintenance at Police Stations
    • Elimination of duplicate and inconsistent record keeping.
    • Ability to easily access crime and criminal records for providing information to investigation and prosecution functions.
    • Centralized crime and criminal information repository along with criminal images and fingerprints with advanced search capabilities.
    • Enhanced ability to analyze crime patterns and/ or modus operandi
                 In order for State Governments to plan and implement CCTNS in their own states each state is expected to constitute appropriate governance and operations structure, and in alignment with the structures recommended by DIT, GOI under NeGP guidelines.
    Institutional framework for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of CCTNS project:
    a. State Apex Committee
    b. State Empowered Committee
    c. State Missing Team
    d. District Mission Team
    Services provided under CCTNS Project:
               Under CCTNS project in Punjab State 609 Police Stations and Higher Offices have been covered and connected with the State Data Centre. Approx. 9 Lakh FIRs are digitally available at State Data Centre (SDC) as on 04-05-2020. Every month approx. one lakh FIRs are being downloaded by the citizens. In CCTNS, the facility to free download the FIR has been given to citizen but if they require the certified copy of FIR then a fee of Rs.5/- is charged. For the benefit of People of Punjab, 09 Citizen Services viz. (Filling of complaints to the concerned Police Stations, Obtaining the status of complaints, Obtaining the copies of FIRs, Details of arrested persons/wanted criminals, Details of missing/kidnapped persons and their matching with arrested, unidentified persons and dead bodies, Details of stolen/recovered vehicles, arms and other properties, Submission of requests for issue/renewal of various NOCs. Verification requests for servants, employments, passports, senior citizens registration etc., Portal for sharing information and enabling citizens to download required forms) are being provided on Saanjh Citizen Portal through CCTNS.
               For more effective investigation, CCTNS has been integrated with Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System (ICJS). Punjab Police has been awarded by MHA/GoI for best practices for generating SCRB Crime report out of CCTNS and development of eco-friendly Criminal Intelligence Gazette leading to saving of 55000 pages per month and better utilization of criminal data for prevention and detection of crime in the year 2018.
    Monitoring of CCTNS Project:
               For effective implementation of CCTNS Project in all the States/UTs, the Govt. of India is monitoring this Project on monthly basis through PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation) mechanism. Various parameters (like Infrastructure/ Hardware/Software deployment in police stations, Manpower, Training, Technical setup, Filling-up of Integrated Investigation Forms (IIFs) in CCTNS Core Application Software, Legacy data migration, State Data Centre/ Disaster Recovery Centre, Data Synching at State Data Centre, Data Replication at National Data Centre, Submission of CCTNs generated FIRs to Courts, Usage of Search and Query in CCTNS, Generation of Reports at Police station, Disposal of Complaints/NOCs/Antecedent Verifications, Monitoring by Committees at State Level and Fund utilization etc.) are given appropriate weightage/marks for making a healthy competition between all States/UTs of India.
               To decide the ranking, the States and UTs are categorised as: -
    • Non - CAS States: - Advanced States namely Gujrat, Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Goa.
    • CAS-States: - The CAS states have further been sub categorised as major states (13 states including Delhi), Hilly States (10 states), & UTs (7 excluding Delhi).
             Punjab is considered in CAS States under sub-category of Major States. The State is regularly submitting the Monthly Pragati Dashboard Report to NCRB/MHA/GOI. The GOI evaluates the ranking of the states /UTs every month and the same is posted on NCRB portal. As per Monthly Pragati Dashboard Report for the month of JAN-2020, the state of Punjab is ranked 3th among CAS major States. 
  •          LAN (Local Area Network) has been established at PPHQ Chandigarh and all district Police Offices (DPOs) in Punjab. Internet Connectivity has been provided to all the above offices. Following are the services provided by LAN/WAN cell:
    • Installation of all new/ old hardware IT equipment provided by IT Store of O/O ADGP Technical Services.
    • Minor Hardware maintenance and Software support
    • Providing /Installation of LAN-WAN connectivity in PPHQ Building and Network troubleshooting
    • Conduction Video Conferences for officers
    NOC- Network Operation Centre
              Network operation centre is basically a helpdesk for CCTNS project. It gives a 24*7 service to the police officials working at police station level. It deals with the various issues/problems faced by police officials while using CCTNS project. Network Operation centre was first running under the name of helpdesk CCTNS and only officials from TCS team were present there. But in May 2019 as per the orders of W/DIG TS, police officials from TS wing were also included in this team to handle the issues. When Police officials working in police stations face any problem, they contact system administrator (SA-Officials of TS wing working in districts). SA’s try to solve these problems at their end, if they fail to do so they contact at NOC centre (ext. 2451,2452,2453 and 2454).
              Currently 12 Police Officials and 5 TCS officials are working at Network Operation Centre.
    Punjab Police Social Media Cell
             In this digital era, Social Media is becoming easily accessible and approachable. Being a part of community policing, Punjab Police Social Media Cell was established in the year 2018. The main purpose of social media was to create a communicative bridge between the police and the public ,so that the problems of the public can be resolved at the earliest and the authentic information can be reach within the masses in short span .Punjab Police is available on these social media platforms .Hon’ble DGP Punjab Police Twitter handle -@DGPPunjabPolice, Punjab Police India Twitter handle - @PunjabPoliceInd, facebook page-@PunjabPoliceIndia, YouTube page- @Punjab Police India,TikTok-@punjabpoliceind, Instagram-@punjabpoliceind, Sharechat-@punjabpoliceindia. Through these platforms people can stay connected with Punjab Police in digital mode for infotainment. The 27 Police districts are also available on social media platforms with their own official handle on Twitter and Face book page
  • Training
  •           This wing has selected a core group of about 66 young educated and skilled NGOs as Trainers for imparting training at Range Level IT Training Centres. Uptil March 2020, 45547 officials have been imparted training under CCTNS Project, 26658 officials in other IT related courses and 1018 officials in e-office project. The main courses being run are on basics of Computers and Automation, Core Application software, System Administration (SA), Cyber Crime Awareness & Training of Trainers (ToT).
  • Punjab Police Website
  • The official website of Punjab Police is registered as domain name . It is dynamically strengthened so as to provide increased space for information to be made available to internet users. Links have been provided to the Websites of the Punjab & Haryana High Court, Govt. of India, Govt. of Punjab and NCRB etc.
  • Crime Criminal Information System (CCIS)
  • This is a criminal records management system maintained by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). This is used for punching and storing the data of crime and criminals at SCRB / DCRB.
  • Motor Vehicle Coordinating System:
  • This is used for punching and storing the data of stolen / recovered vehicles at SCRB / DCRB.
  • Talash:
  • This is used for punching and storing the data of missing persons / unidentified dead bodies.
  • Portrait building:
  • This application is used to prepare sketches of suspected criminals.
  • Payroll/GPF:
  • It is used to prepare the pay rolls / GPF statements of police personnel
  • Identity card system:
  • This is used for preparing the identity cards of police officials / officers.
  • Organized Crime Information System(OCIS)
  • This is a web based application developed by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) for punching in information related to various agencies involved in organized criminal activities including history sheeters, terrorist activities, robbery, theft etc.
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